A special thank you to A3 Hoops and Coach Greg for helping our daughter get ready for the upcoming season! We love his positive approach to teaching the game and breaking down her shot. I highly recommend A3 Hoops for helping your child elevate their game!

Henry H. – November 2018

We highly recommend A3 Hoops and Coach Greg for any level athlete who is looking to improve their basketball skills and game knowledge. I jokingly call Coach Greg a magician, but he is much more than that. Our three kids have all trained under Coach Greg, and they learned so much. His dedication, positive attitude, attention to every detail of skill development, and variety in his workouts keep them motivated and wanting to return. They see success in their training and his positive reinforcement rubs off on them. They WANT to do well and they WANT to work hard. I am amazed at how he is able to discern the area that needs improvement and break it down so they understand. The skills learned are not only basketball lessons, they are life lessons. We will definitely keep returning to A3Hoops and would highly recommend Coach Greg.

Tracey K. – April 2018

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I’ve been taking my kids to A3 Hoops and Coach Greg for three years now and will continue to do so. The bottom line is parents want positive results. And A3 delivers. Specifically, with my daughter. He has built up her confidence on and off the court. Along with giving her a lights-out jump shot. He will cater the off-season workouts to improve their weaknesses and sharpen up strengths. Coach Greg is not only a great coach and mentor, but has become a good friend. I highly recommend A3 Hoops if you are looking to improve your child’s game.
Dave R. - March 2017
Julia started working with Greg last spring, looking to improve her shooting form and confidence.  Greg worked on her shooting form, emphasizing fundamentals, and consistently reinforced positive attitude, no matter what the situation.  We could see the results of his changes to form flaws and attitude, literally, in real time. Greg made a great difference in Julia’s confidence from the floor and the line, allowing her to be positive, decisive, and enjoy playing. I would recommend Greg’s knowledge of the game and his enjoyment of developing players to any parent.
Kevin R. - March 2017

Justin really enjoys working with Greg on skill development and shooting technique.  Greg easily explains the concepts for a 12 year old to understand and ensures the hour session is productive and fun.  He always positively reinforces my son and Justin looks forward to coming back each week.
Paul K. - April, 2016

Since training with Coach Greg I have noticed a drastic change in my shooting. My foul shot percentage went up 15% and my outside shot percentage has also gone up. He focuses on the little things in your shot that nobody else would notice, but the little things lead to perfect form.
Taylor E. - March, 2014

Greg has coached and trained my daughter for several years. He provides a positive learning environment which he is willing to customize to fit the goals of who is training/coaching. Greg has a solid aptitude for the game of basketball with a definite proficiency in developing sound shooting form. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Bill Scilingo - October 4, 2012

My 13 year old daughter, Olivia, has been playing basketball since the 3rd grade.  Over the years she has learned many skills and has developed a passion for the game.  Last year we decided to take it step further and provide our daughter with specialized instruction to improve her areas of need.  We actively searched for a coach that would provide one-on-one instruction for our daughter.  I can’t say enough about the skills, techniques, and motivation Olivia has obtained through her A3 Hoops experiences.  After her one-on-one training with Coach Greg, Olivia was able to refine her skills, set goals for herself, and achieve them with hard work and plenty of practice.  Coach Greg made Olivia accountable for her own goals, provided the necessary skills to achieve her goals, and motivated her to work toward her potential.  As a result, Olivia was one of only two girls on her junior varsity team to make the 8th grade team, as a 7th grader (note: the other 7th grader was coached by A3 Hoops as well).We plan to continue to watch our daughter grow in her skills and would highly recommended A3 Hoops for their expertise, positive reinforcement, goal setting, individualized instruction, and genuine love of the game.  Thank you A3 Hoops!!!
Jennie Sortino - February 2012

Greg backs up his knowledge and expertise of basketball with a genuine passion for the game. In addition, his attention to detail, analytical skills and ability to communicate make it a pleasure to work with him.
Jim Thomas - January 24, 2012

Greg has been training my daughter over the past 2 years and not only have her basketball skills increased but more importantly her confidence has improved as well. She really enjoys the workouts with Greg and he provides an opportunity for his students to provide input into the workout sessions so that they can achieve their individual goals. I would highly recommend Greg to any parent that is looking for a positive atmosphere to raise their child’s basketball skills to the next level.
Cindy Mullen - January 3, 2012

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