3rd Annual “Shoot the Lights Out on Cancer”‬

August 20, 2016 – Hill School Field House‬

A3 HOOPS in conjunction with American Cancer Society ~ Philly Coaches vs. Cancer hosted our 3rd Annual “Shoot the Lights out on Cancer” free-throw shooting competition.  A day where shooters both young and old, ballers and housewives came together as a community to bring awareness to the fight against cancer.  ‬

A3 HOOPS was excited and humbled to have an opportunity to celebrate 2 of our amazing community members with our inaugural ATTITUDE and COURAGE Awards.  We want to take time to remember those who are in our hearts and the ones battling against this terrible disease every day.  Was an honor to recognize Jay Lance Woodruff with our COURAGE Award and Ed McLaughlin with our ATTITUDE Award.‬

After the success we experienced our first 2 year, we challenged ourselves to be more creative and set a loftier monetary goal of $15,000.00.   We are still calculating our final numbers, but regardless where we end-up we are making a huge difference.  This success would not have been realized without the support of the American Cancer Society, Philly Coaches vs. Cancer School Initiative, City Six Coaches, The Hill School, all our amazing sponsors and volunteers.  Words alone cannot express my gratitude to all those who supported this event and I look forward to crushing our number next year.‬
3rd Annual Shoot the Lights Out on Cancer‬

  Free-Throw Division Results‬

  • Boys Grade School Division Champion:  Dawson B.‬
  • Girls Grade School Division Champion:   Georgia R. ‬
  • Boys Middle School Division Champion:  Anthony R.‬
  • Girls Middle School Division Champion:   Madi W.‬
  • Boys High School Division Champion:  Nicholas L.‬
  • Girls High School Division Champion:   Alyssa C.‬
  • Men’s Adult Division Champion:  Cornel M.‬
  • Women’s Adult Division Champion:  Emily W.‬

GOAL:  $15,000.00‬

RAISED:  $13,849‬

All proceeds donated to support Philly Coaches vs. Cancer & Cancer Research‬