4th Annual “Shoot the Lights Out On Cancer” Fundraiser

Dear Friends, Families, & Community;

All too often we focus on the loss & sadness that surrounds cancer.  Coach Martelli & Coach Dunphy remind us at every Philly Coaches vs. Cancer event, that everyone has been touched by cancer & I am no different.

However my message today is about finding the positive, the hope, and the courage that all too many people demonstrated in their daily lives (#ATTITUDE!).

4 years ago my father sat with his doctors and heard those horrible words – you have cancer.  This was an obvious shock to him and our entire family.  After quietly battling prostate cancer for 4 years, he got to sit in front of his doctors again – with hopes for better news.    Yesterday at 11:15EST…I received a text from my Dad stating “Bone scans and pelvic MRI show NO CANCER, so stopping hormone treatment.”  Obviously amazing news!!!  I know that without the American Cancer Society, Philly Coaches vs. Cancer, and fundraising events/activities like Shoot the Lights Out on Cancer, this day may not have been realized.   Thank you to all who are fighting to CRUSH CANCER!!!!!


My Dad is someone who I have looked up to all my life and once again has demonstrated the ATTITUDE and courage to beat cancer.  This and the many other stories, in all of your hearts, are why we do what we do.

Please visit our site Shoot the Lights Out on Cancer to read more about the mission of the American Cancer Society and Coaches vs Cancer program.   I hope you will consider making a donation to this great organization

Keep in mind, we will be splitting the proceeds between Pediatric Cancer researchers and cancer researchers studying cancer that most commonly affects Adults.